Christine and Steve Kelleher-Brown are proud to call Tigersolv 'a family Company'.

We are the UK's leading provider of Debt management systems with a wide range of clients both large and small, in five countries: UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

Since being exposed to Debt Management at Gregory Pennington in 1999, Steve and his team have built a massive amount of functionality into Debtsolv - our Flagship software system. Much of this work has been guided closely by key figures in the Debt community and this close working relationship is what makes our software more intuitive and relevant.

We involve ourselves in the Debt community and have been consistent supporters of industry forums like DEMSA. Changes that happen within the industry affect us as much as any DM or IVA company and we are always refining and developing Debtsolv to keep pace with regulation and business trends. Our latest software, the Creditor Portal, has been developed to take the industry to a new level of automation and will hopefully unite Debt companies in a way that was previously impossible.

The best thing about Tigersolv, so we have been told, is how friendly and approachable we are. So please get in touch if you are connected to the Debt industry in any way. We may have an idea we can share or we may be able to introduce you to new people and other businesses that will help you and your company to grow and become part of our circle of friends. Business is business, but we take it personally.

Meet the Leadership Team...


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