Charlotte Walshe

Head of Product Support

Product Specialist || Industry Specialists
Account Management || Support

Charlotte Walshe is the Head of Product Support and your best friend for all things 'Tigersolv'.

She knows the products inside out and with years of experience both in the financial sector and at Tigersolv, Charlotte and her team are ready should you need a helping hand.

Contact Charlotte on +44 (0)1204 697000 or send her an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Personal Highlights
Straight to the Point

With an impressive 8 years in the financial sector, Charlotte came to work for Tigersolv as a Product Support Agent and soon became an invaluable part of the team. It wasn't long before she was heading up the department and pushing the bar of client service up and up. Employing some kind of magic (as best we can verify), Charlotte can always be relied on to identify and solve just about any problem that lands on her desk and has become more than just a point of call for our software but in a more general sense a real part of the team for all our customers businesses.

Super Heroes

Charlotte has a great team of skilled support agents and just like her they've all worked in financial sector companies before so they don't just know their tech, they know how your world works. That means explaining a problem to them isn't a struggle and ultimately, they help you overcome any obstacle faster than people who don't know your business would.
Simply put, their experience is what makes the difference between an average support team and our team of Support Super Heroes.

Quick Questions

What's important to a good customer relationship?
“At Tigersolv we try and give the best customer service possible and our clients would agree we often go the extra mile to give them what they need. Debtsolv is an extensive program so it is important to spend time understanding our clients business process so we can ensure they are using our software fully and not wasting time and money on menial tasks.
We keep pretty up to date with the industry but our clients know it better which is why we listen to their suggestions for new features, especially those centred around Compliance.
I've known a lot of our clients for many years and helped them during their FCA Application which means they are happy to pick up the phone if they have a problem, an idea, or just want a general chat about the industry.”
What’s your favourite Support Horror Story?
“A few years ago, while the office was closed for Christmas, I was feeling a little delicate from the season's festivities and 100 miles away from home with the worst internet access possible when one of our clients placed an emergency support call. It turned out they had issues with their main server, their own internal IT staff weren't responding to calls, and a full-scale panic was brewing.
To make things worse, it also turned out the backup system their IT guys had set up hadn't been working for over 12 months!
After trying to talk them through a few things over the phone I drove to their office, enlisted the help of our MD, Steve and tried to save the last 12 months of their database. Several hours and plenty of tea, Quality Street and biscuits later we got the database backup and running, showed the Director how to take backups and told him to have a strong word with his IT team!”