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Tigersolv's Debtsolv is the number one choice for top Debt Management Companies from around the world. We've been in the financial services industry for over 15 years and our clients have built some of the most successful DM services around on our powerful features and our extensive services.

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Feature Highlights
Special Care
Client Vulnerability

At any point in Debtsolv your users can log vulnerabilities they might identify. The feature also captures data storage and usage permissions so you're not recording any sensitive information a client would not want shared. The vulnerabilities are comprehensive and can be used as broad categories or very specific notes on severity, duration, effect, and a cause.

We believe it is the best client care system on the market and the data you collect can be used to drive system events or automations.

Working with Feedback

It is hard to overstate the value of Customer Feedback and how it can inform and adapt your businesses processes. Whether regulation in your requires you to log and act on feedback or not, it is a powerful thing to understand the experience of everyone who comes into contact with your organisation.

Debtsolv is equipped with a Feedback suite that can be opened at any time in the application, and can tie a report to clients, users, partners, and other third parties. Powered by our adaptable workflow engine, feedback can be addressed in a timely and consistant manner and then reviewed at a strategic level.

Debtsolv Feature List

From first contact to full and final payment, Debtsolv has a comprehensive feature set to support compliant operations.

Sales and Advising
  • Import Contact Data / Fully Formed Cases (CSV, XML, Email, Optional Introducer Web Portal)
  • Client Creation Process
  • Product Options / Advice Screen
  • Client Agreement / Plan Summary
  • Send Welcome/Initial Pack (Print, Email, SMS, Fax, E-Sign Services)
  • Performance and Follow-up Contact Reporting
Administration and Client Care
  • Case Work flow and Overview
  • Initial Agreement Details
  • Vulnerability Tracking and Alerts
  • Case and Full Correspondence History (fully audited, filterable)
  • Send Correspondence (Print, Email, SMS, Fax, E-Sign Services, Client Portal)
  • Product Page (Financial Statement, Creditor Agreements, Fees, Reviews)
  • Payment History and Schedule
  • Payment Arrangements
  • Feedback and Complaints Process
  • Smart File Attachments (Move the client work flow on receipt of documents, organise files)
  • Custom Data Capture
Credit Control and Payments
  • Payment Arrangement Monitoring (Automatic User and Client Reminders)
  • Arrangement History
  • Client Rating Slider
  • Powerful Payments Suite
  • Import from your bank for assured daily reconciliation
  • Automatic allocations and cashing
  • Issue payment instructions to any bank effortlessly
  • Track every penny in every balance without exception
  • Grouped and Bulk Payments automatically managed
  • Automate every process so human resources are only used where they have the most impact
  • Extensive stock reports available
  • Reports specially created to make regulatory compliance easy and transparent
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • Manage multiple services and products
  • Record and Report on Feedback (positive and negative)

It's impossible to list all of Debtsolv's incredible features. To get a true sense of just how much Debtsolv will save you time and money, give us a call or email and get a closer look!

Proudly listed as 'Ready for Windows'. Tigersolv applications are supported on many versions of Windows, including Windows 10.