Tigersolv: A Family Company

Tigersolv is the UK’s leading provider of debt management solutions, with clients at home and around the world. Our systems can be found in businesses across the UK, as well as the Republic of Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Our Beginnings

Our flagship software solution – Debtsolv – was the brainchild of Steve Kelleher-Brown who was exposed to the principles of Debt Management at Gregory Pennington in 1999. When developing the system, Steve and his team knew that functionality was the key – and the more the better. Debt management processes were so fragmented from one company to the next that finding a common ground to create a generic solution would be almost impossible. Instead, they opted to create a versatile, multi-functioned system that could be tailored to meet the needs of every client.


Company Ethos

Development was a bumpy road, at times, but the team stuck to it, being guided along the way by key figures in the Debt community. This close working relationship remains part of our company ethos to this day and is what makes our software more intuitive and relevant.

We involve ourselves in the Debt community and have been consistent supporters of industry forums like DEMSA. Industry changes affect our business just as much as any debt management company or insolvency practice. As a consequence, our product is constantly being refined and developed, keeping pace with new business trends as well as new regulatory requirements.


Focus on Integration

As a company, we believe that the debt management industry works best when it works together, hence our focus on integration. Our latest software, the Creditor Portal, has been developed to take our industry to a new level of automation, hopefully uniting debt companies in a way that was previously thought impossible.

We have been told by our friends and colleagues within the debt community that we are friendly and approachable. Indeed, many say it is our most notable feature, which pleases us a great deal. If you’re part of the debt industry, get in touch with Tigersolv and let’s see what we can do for one another.

After all, business is business, but we take it personally.


Our Vision

Is to provide clients with tailored software solutions created with an understanding of their industry, that offers great value for money combined with unbeatable functionality.

Our Mission Statement

Our products are neither generic, off-the-shelf solutions, nor are they open-plan sandbox apps which you may as well attempt to code from scratch. We operate somewhere in between, taking the time and the effort to understand the industries our clients work in and producing solutions that are practical, user-friendly, and tailored to meet a specific challenge.

Our Culture

We recruit mostly from the fintech sector, especially those applicants with front-line experience in financial services. We’ve been here from the very start, so know everything about where this market has been and where it’s going. We are passionate about – and actively engage in – both our clients’ industries and the tech sector. We’re a small, dedicated team of people who love what we do.


Brands we work with

Neither our Debtsolv or our Wallkat applications are developed in isolation. Over the years we have been crafting and fine-tuning our software packages, we have worked with several world-renowned brands. Their expertise, combined with our own, ensures high-performance software solutions for our clients, now and forever.


Meet the Leadership Team


Phil Robinson


Charlton Reid


Ed Hawksworth

Companies who use us

Many companies make use of our Debtsolv, Wallkat, and bespoke software solutions for the day-to-day running of their debt management business. These are just some of our high-profile clients with whom we have formed a solid partnership over the years.


What They Say

Feedback and reviews from some of our most trusted clients.

Get In Touch

To become part of the Tigersolv family and to benefit from our world class debt management software solutions, contact the team today. Call us on +441204 697 000 or send an email to support@tigersolv.com to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our debt management experts.