Bespoke Software Solutions That Work for You

In addition to our proprietary Debtsolv and Wallkat applications, we provide tailored software solutions for customers across the UK.

Even the best debt management applications cannot hope to cater to all clients all the time. As experienced members of both the software solutions and financial services sectors, we understand this better than most. We already offer considerable customisation options for our Debtsolv and Wallkat packages, but sometimes you need more and we’re here for you.

If your debt management process is particularly convoluted or stands out from other companies in the industry, you don’t need to change the way you work to accommodate your system – quite the opposite.


How bespoke software solutions work

Prior to installation of either our Debtsolv or Wallkat packages, we sit down with you to discuss your company’s particular software requirements. In most cases, a solution already exists within the extensive range of features offered by each application. Sometimes we need to tweak those features a little to ensure they cover everything you need to run an efficient debt management company or insolvency practice.

In the event that our team can’t alter our existing solutions to meet your needs, we take your detailed requirements and create a bespoke solution that works for you. This will be integrated into your Debtsolv or Wallkat package (depending on the specific task it needs to perform) so that all your processes remain in one location.

Ever-changing, ever-evolving

We know that, as your business grows, your software needs will develop and change. If, at any point, you find your Debtsolv or Wallkat packages are no longer meeting those needs, give the Tigersolv support team a call. We will see what we can do with our existing features and, if need be, will develop a new one on your behalf.


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