Celebrating Pride

Rainbow Coloured Pride Tiger

🌈🎉 Hello everyone!

We at Tigersolv are thrilled to join millions around the world in celebrating Pride Month. As we reflect on the progress and milestones achieved, we also acknowledge that there’s much more work to do.

In our pursuit of creating innovative software solutions, we uphold a vision of diversity and inclusivity. We truly believe in the power of diversity of thought and perspective, and we understand that these unique viewpoints come from diverse experiences and backgrounds.

In this month of June, we honor the LGBTQ+ community, not only within our company but worldwide. Pride Month serves as a stark reminder of the importance of equality, acceptance, and pride in who we are.

Tigersolv is proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ community and we continually strive to build a workplace environment that celebrates all identities and expressions. Our commitment extends beyond this special month. Each day, we encourage respect and empathy for all individuals, fostering a culture where everyone can thrive.

We encourage everyone to stand together, learn, engage in open dialogue, and above all, celebrate the full spectrum of diversity.

Happy Pride Month!

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