How Debtsolv Works for Directors

If you’re the director of a debt management company or an insolvency practice, the decision on any new software installation ultimately resides with you. You’re probably wondering what Debtsolv has to offer that the hundreds of other debt management applications don’t.

The simple answer is: whatever you want it to.

Unlike other debt management software, Debtsolv is hand-tailored by our team of experts to meet the specific needs of your company and its clients. No need to get weighed down with features you’ll never use and, if you have a particular requirement that hasn’t been implemented yet, we’ll see to it that it gets incorporated into the build.


What Debtsolv can do for you

There are many benefits to using Debtsolv as your primary debt management application. These are some of the most popular ones based on extensive feedback from our existing client base:

Key Performance Indicators

Debtsolv generates tailored performance dashboards for all users and business roles across your company, allowing individuals and managers to see where things are going wrong at a glance. This allows you and your management team to optimise and innovate where you need it most.

With a comprehensive reporting hub, your end-to-end business processes can be monitored and analysed in one location. Combined with our innovative Wallkat software and extensive DS reporting, you get essential performance information in real-time from across the business.


Debtsolv is a highly-efficient debt management application, meaning your front-line staff can leave the day-to-day processes to its automation software and work their caseloads through managing by exception. These automated processes provide more consistent operations than relying on individuals inputting data.

In addition, Debtsolv is a one-stop solution, meaning no third-party applications are needed for individual processes. While separate software for correspondence, file management, accounting, and so on, may seem cost-effective when viewed as component parts, to get a fully-functioning system with the breadth of operation that Debtsolv commands would soon become expensive.

All our training is provided in-house, resulting in low overheads for getting your staff up to speed on the new system.

Complying with Legislation

As experts in the financial services industry, we understand the regulatory processes required by your profession. With our automated workflows, any mandatory steps are performed at the right time in the process, every time.

Debtsolv uses communication templates that ensure your clients are being given the right information every time to cover your compliance needs. These can be tailored to your house style, so that all clients receive the same high standard of communication, with the bonus of being able to generate letters, emails and SMS quickly and accurately. With a vulnerability suite built into the software, you can flag clients who require specialist care and see that they get the specialist attention they need.

About Us

What type of companies work with Debtsolv?

Debtsolv has been used by a wide range of companies within the finance and debt management sector. These include debt management companies and insolvency practitioners, as you might expect, as well as IVA companies, claims companies, collection agencies, and more. Size is of no consequence – we work closely with all clients, from SMEs employing half-a-dozen staff to national companies with 400+ people on their payroll.

Why choose Tigersolv?

We have been trading for over twenty years and our team brings decades of experience in the bespoke software and financial services sectors to every installation. We are active in the debt management community, having acted as consultants for the FCA and being regular attendees at industry forums and relevant government agency events. Few other companies can match the breadth and depth of our industry knowledge, which we fuse effortlessly with our cutting-edge technology.


What They Say

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