How Debtsolv Works for IT Departments

When it comes to a high-end software solution like Debtsolv, it’s important that our clients’ IT department is on board. While we have a dedicated tech support team on hand to answer queries and provide advice, you will be the ones running day-to-day troubleshooting for your colleagues.

Fortunately, we have you covered. Debtsolv was developed by experienced coders with one foot in each camp – financial services and software development. The system is carefully constructed to be intuitive for front-line end-users and IT professionals alike. We are not precious about our code and are happy to make modifications based on your expert recommendations.


What Debtsolv can do for you

Debtsolv offers a wide range of benefits to IT departments in any size of debt management company or insolvency practice. These are some of the most popular ones based on feedback from IT experts among our existing business partners.

Access to Databases and Templates

Any data you collect or import is yours to do with as you wish. We even offer self-hosting, if you would rather keep your data on your own central server. Communication templates are an essential part of the debt management process. While we help draft the original templates, we do not gate-keep them. You will be able to make admin-level adjustments as needed.

Cyber Security

Our hosting is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified for your own peace of mind and can be easily integrated into any existing IT policy you might have in place. We can also assist you with your internal policy documentation and legislation.

On Your Level

Like you, we are technical people who happen to operate in the financial services sector. We speak on your level, as one professional to another.

We Support Your Users

As the IT department for your business, your focus is on strategy and infrastructure – as it should be. That’s why we provide end-user support for our software. We have our own dedicated team of technical experts who know Debtsolv inside and out, making us more than just a call centre. By handling end-user queries ourselves, you are free to concentrate on more important tasks.

We Train Your Users

We understand that training your colleagues how to use a new system can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you’re only just learning the process yourself. That’s why we have a small, technically-proficient team that handles all training in-house. They provide training at different levels, depending on the needs of the end-user, so your training will be considerably more in-depth than that experienced by your colleagues.

No Spiralling Costs

Debtsolv can be run on any tech stack, so you will not need to overhaul your existing IT infrastructure to benefit from our software. All costs are laid out during the initial consultation phase and remain transparent throughout. We don’t believe in contractual pitfalls or charging for updates – we prefer an open and honest arrangement where costs are known and understood from the outset.


Debtsolv can easily connect with other APIs currently in use by your company and we are able to integrate with new ones that are not currently on our list. As ever, you don’t need to struggle, trying to integrate Debtsolv with an unfamiliar third-party application. Our tech support team is always here to help.

Tech people helping tech people

Here at Tigersolv, we understand both the financial services side and the technical side of your IT job. Our tech support team has extensive experience in both sectors, having come from the fintech world themselves. If you need assistance with any of our software packages, help is just a phone call away – and that’s real help from a trained professional.

Our tech support is included in the overall running costs of your package, so you don’t need to second-guess yourself whether a support call is warranted. The whole purpose of our software solutions is to make life easier for you and your company and that includes helping you through any issues you might be having at a high-end tech level.


Additions, improvements, and customisations

We love working with IT departments: you’re our kind of people – passionate about technology and dedicated to getting the most out of it. If you need us to customise your Debtsolv or Wallkat products, or if you have requests for additional functionality or improvements to our system, let us know!

Unlike some software development companies, we value the advice and recommendations of our clients. Your feedback is more than just a custom form on our client portal. We read every request and recommendation and put together a plan to incorporate your suggestions into our next build. Your input is important to us, so we always keep you in the loop.


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