How Debtsolv Works for Team Leaders

As a team leader, you are responsible for the performance of your front-line staff. You need to be able to monitor their performance and offer the right support where needed. Here at Tigersolv, we can help you do just that with our innovative and effective Debtsolv software solution.

Debtsolv is designed with every user in mind – from the client to the board of directors. This includes the customer-facing employees on your team, as well as your role as team leader. You will have access to specific functions that make your life easier when it comes to getting the most out of your staff.


What Debtsolv can do for you

Debtsolv offers many advantages to team leaders in a variety of debt management companies and insolvency practices. These are some of the most popular ones based on feedback from our current business partners:

Conversions That Stick

Debtsolv performs automated follow-ups to clients, providing prompts to callback as well as managed and automated contact strategies through our Debtsolv Correspondence features.

Compliance Covered

Unlike a generic, off-the-shelf CRM, Debtsolv is tailor-made for the financial services industry, with a particular focus on debt management. We ensure that all processes are compliant with the industry’s current regulatory standards, including pre-filled answers for faster processing and less mistakes.

Hit Team Targets

As a team leader, you get to see how your team is performing in real-time. With individual KPI dashboards for each member of staff, combined with our innovative Wallkat system and DS reporting, you can view staff performance at an employee or team level at a glance.

Debt Industry Specific Software

Why install a software solution that is designed for everyone, but tailored for no one? Debtsolv is a niche finance application that supports the Standard Financial Statement (SFS) model and is designed specifically with the debt management sector in mind. Its processes are built around workflow and compliance, carefully structured to optimise both, with vulnerability trackers included to protect your clients that need a more individual approach.

Interruptions Don’t Matter

All data imported or input into Debtsolv is stored in real time, meaning you can say goodbye to lost content. You can switch agents safe in the knowledge that all content will remain intact. You can even pause phone calls and form fills with no loss of data should you or your client need to reschedule.

Client Portal for Sales

Our forthcoming client portal will include pre-filled forms and fields that the client can self-populate. This gives your clients more agency and a sense of investment, while also requiring less overhead from your team.

Tailored Advising Features

Debtsolv works with the debt management industry in mind and follows the sector’s strict regulations at every step. As experts in the field, we understand the need for regulatory compliance and our software reflects that. Debtsolv guides staff and clients alike in the right direction, presenting the best options at every stage and recording the reasoning behind each decision.

Helping team leaders help their team

Debtsolv is designed to make the day-to-day running of your team easier. All your sales leads are imported to a central hub, from where it can be distributed across your team. It uses a guided process that helps your staff offer advice to clients and gather data from them in ways that have been tried and tested. This allows your team to maximise client conversion rates, pushing them sky high.

Each and every allocation is fully-tracked and audited by the system, giving you a trail to follow when reporting on individual and team performance. This makes some of your core responsibilities – including reviews, mentoring, rewarding, and training – so much easier.

Unlike some Customer Relationship Management tools (which only migrate data that’s directly relevant to a sales lead) Debtsolv’s unique import tools are designed for the job in hand. The migrate everything you and your team need to do your job with optimal efficiency, including financial statements, history, step changes, supporting file attachments, and more


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