How Debtsolv Works for Service Managers

Service management is one of the most complicated and most involved areas of any debt management business. It’s all about communication, negotiation, hand-holding, and signposting. It’s dealing with changes to a client’s circumstances and handling them when they are at their worst. Service managers must be accurate in their recording of events and meticulous in their compliance with industry regulations.

Debtsolv was developed with that exact mindset and to help service level front-line staff better manage their workload. A combination of tailored client forms and automated processes help your team become more productive and able to deliver the first-class service your customers deserve.


What Debtsolv can do for you

There are many benefits for service managers in using Debtsolv. These are some of the most popular ones based on extensive client feedback:

Automated Correspondence

While other debt management applications send out automated correspondence according to timings or stage levels, Debtsolv allows you to automate letters, emails, and SMS based on any criteria in your customers’ case files. These are not just binary decisions, either. Our smart Taskmaster feature can take multiple variables into consideration before contacting a client automatically. This ensures that past and recent payment history is taken into account and correspondence adjusted accordingly. It also makes sure vulnerable customers receive the support they need, rather than an anonymously-generated standard letter.

Only Deal with Exceptions

The purpose of Debtsolv at a customer service level is to maximise individual and team productivity. With our dynamic workflows, automated processes, incident management function, and detailed process maps, most customers’ cases can be handled entirely by the system. Front-line workers need only get involved when normal workflow is interrupted – in other words, when something goes wrong and needs user intervention to resolve.

Easy Process Maps

We create detailed and simple-to-read process maps for every step of your customers’ user experience. We make sure that nothing is missed and that there is no repetition. These maps are graphical for easy-readability and include Key Performance Indicators for staff.

Team Todo Lists

As a service manager, you will want to know what your team is doing at each stage and Debtsolv has you covered. With personalised dashboards for each member of the team and central location for viewing them at individual or group level, nothing will ever get missed. The software includes a diary application which produces notifications for you and your staff, as well as to-do lists for managing future workflow.

Identify Bottlenecks

Personal dashboards, combined with our innovative Wallkat technology allows you to see team performance at a glance. This makes identifying bottlenecks and performance issues easier than ever and can be used to determine whether staff are meeting their KPIs.


Our timesheet feature makes it easy to see what each member of your team has been doing and where that time has been spent. This makes for the easy automation of billing for every case and can be communicated to higher management when necessary.

Document Archiving / Case History

Each customer has their own file containing a comprehensive archive of their entire case history and associated documents. This includes all sales, service and payment history in one convenient location.

One Package

Debtsolv is a one-stop solution for your entire business, with no third-party applications to contend with. This means there are no communication problems between functions, as everything is interconnected.

Compliance Assistance

Because we come from a financial services background, Debtsolv has been designed to meet the unique regulatory requirements of the debt management industry. Our process maps ensure that your staff never miss an exception and that all templates, reporting, and correspondence are based on the entire case history to maintain compliance.

Client Portal for Reviews and Documents

With Debtsolv, you no longer have to wait for customers to return their supporting documentation by post. We offer an online client portal that fully integrates with our system, allowing them to view their financial statement details, make any amendments, and upload supporting evidence with a few clicks.

Helping service managers help their clients

Unlike generic Customer Relationship Management software, Debtsolv is tailored to improve customer service and productivity in one go. Data migration from your sales team is far more detailed and comprehensive than any other product. Once the customer has passed the sales phase, their data is transferred as a fully-realised case file, including all financial details, an agreed plan of action, their fee model, and appropriate payment plans. Initial documentation is automatically sent off by the system, ensuring the case is ready to action immediately.


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