Keep your Wallboards Fresh: Engage, Motivate, and Inform

Keeping your call center team engaged and motivated is essential for maintaining productivity and providing exceptional customer service. One way to achieve this is by incorporating topical themes into your live data reports displayed on wallboard screens. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of tying in current events and keeping the look of your wallboard constantly changing to create a fun and fresh work environment.

British Coronation Themed Wallboard
A Wallboard fit for a King, on the Coronation Weekend of Charles III
  1. Boost Team Engagement: Displaying topical themes and current events on your call center wallboard keeps your team members engaged. It not only promotes a sense of camaraderie but also fosters a sense of involvement in the wider world.
  2. Improve Employee Motivation: Incorporating changing themes into your wallboard data reports prevents the risk of your team becoming desensitized to static displays. By keeping the content fresh and relevant, your team will be more motivated to keep an eye on the wallboard and stay updated on their performance metrics. This creates an environment where agents strive for continuous improvement, ultimately leading to enhanced customer experiences.
  3. Encourage Friendly Competition: Topical themes can be incorporated into gamification elements that promote healthy competition among team members. For example, you can create custom leaderboards based on current events or pop culture, challenging agents to achieve specific targets or improve certain metrics. This can foster a spirit of friendly competition, driving agents to perform better while making the work environment more enjoyable.

So, why not give it a try and transform your call center into a more enjoyable and productive space?