Wallkat: Improve Productivity with Real Time Data

Wallkat is a simple, yet powerful application that creates content for the interactive wall boards in your office. It can be used to provide performance data in real time so that everybody in the workplace can see where they are and what they’re up to at any given moment.


How does Wallkat work?

Wallkat pulls real time data from your company computer system and displays it on interactive boards on the wall. You can think of it in the same way as casting the display from your smartphone onto a smart TV and, indeed, the principle is much the same. Of course, with Wallkat, the methodology is much more secure and instead of casting your favourite YouTube video, you’ll be casting essential performance data.

What can Wallkat be used for?

As a data display application, Wallkat has a number of uses. Often employed to show up-to-date performance data, you get to choose what metrics you want your team to chase. Whether your current focus is number of calls made/answered, number of conversions, value of sales, or anything else, you can display them in real time using Wallkat.

A versatile performance display app

Wallkat doesn’t just display a given set of data. You get to pick and choose what you want to display and how you want to display it. From league tables and KPIs to motivational messages and graphics, there’s no limit to what you choose to stream to your wall boards.

A fully-integrated system

As an application, Wallkat sits between your company database and your interactive display boards. This simple, yet versatile, piece of kit can be adapted to integrate with any system and any equipment. Once you’re connected, choosing the specific data and layout for display is easy to do, as our engineers will be happy to demonstrate when they visit.

Boost productivity

Having live data broadcast on the wall boards is a great way to promote friendly competition among your staff and to encourage improvement across the board. Whether you show team or individual performance data, everybody can see where they stand in relation to one another. This can be a great opportunity to incentivise team members


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